Synechia (from the Greek synecheia means continuity, connection) are congenital or acquired adhesions between adjacent organs or serous surfaces. In little girls, synechia appears as an fusion of the labia minora (probably large and small).

The reasons

All girls experience a lack of sex hormones estrogen before puberty, but in some babies this leads to this disease. This ailment can also appear as a result of an inflammatory process in the vulva, due to which the mucosa becomes thinner and a connective tissue film forms, excessive intimate hygiene, allergic diseases

Main symptoms

Doctors diagnose synechia when a little girl’s labia minora “stick together” with each other. The entrance to the vagina is blocked by a film. With complete synechia, even the opening of the urethra is not visible. In this case, there are difficulties in urination: the child is pushing, experiencing discomfort, naughty, crying, and this is accompanied by almost every act.


If symptoms of synechia are found, do not postpone a visit to the doctor. Synechia will need to be eliminated as soon as possible. After all, the health of the baby suffers, because as a result, her urination is disturbed, there is an ascending infection.

In the early stages (when the labia has not yet “stuck together” completely), the situation can be corrected quite easily. It is enough to apply a pad with an ointment containing estrogen on the labia at night. The procedure should be repeated for 5-7 days.

If after the course of treatment of synechia the situation does not change, consult a doctor again

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