Sexual Object Discrimination Syndrome

Name: Sexual Object Discrimination Syndrome


This syndrome is manifested in the satisfaction of the subject’s sexual needs through contacts with various sexual objects. Moreover, the object that is most accessible at the present time is relevant for these individuals, and its sexual attractiveness is simply sufficient to ensure the development of the required level of sexual arousal. In practice, persons with this syndrome commit all the variety of possible forms of sexual acts – pedophilic, heterosexual, homosexual, incest, zoophilic and other sexual contacts. Thus, their sexual behavior is, as it were, polydeviant.

The personality of subjects suffering from this syndrome is characterized by impulsivity, a reduced threshold of sexual reactivity (excitation begins quickly, its level is high), sexual behavior is controlled only to a non-cardinal degree or cannot be controlled at all, each sexual object is considered only in the context of a phantom for the realization of sexual arousal.

The presence of this syndrome is more often noted in subjects with pathological personality development, in those suffering from psychopathology and in degraded alcoholics.

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