Secerating mammary gland

Name: Secerating mammary gland


This is a descriptive diagnosis, talking about discharge from the ducts of the mammary gland without clarifying the diagnosis. Ductal discharge can be caused by galactorrhea, ductal ectasia, intraductal papilloma, and even intraductal cancer. Slight discharge from the ducts may correspond to a healthy breast.

The liquid is released in drops, may be different in consistency and color. Basically, it is light, transparent, with a greenish or bloody tinge, reminiscent of a dew drop.

Bloody discharge appears with papillomas and tumors, and is also a sign of the presence of inflammation in the excretory ducts. Papilloma may be benign or malignant in origin.

Intraductal papilloma is accompanied by the formation of a cyst in the excretory duct and the growth of the epithelium in it. It is located in a large duct, directly under the nipple or in the areola area. The tumor has a rounded shape, the consistency is soft and elastic.

Allocations of a greenish color are characteristic of mastopathy. The formation of fluid is associated with the breakdown of blood cells that have accumulated in the excretory duct.

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