Split ends of hair (trichoptilosis)

Split ends of the hair (trichoptilosis) – the most common defect of the hair shaft associated with incomplete transverse fragility of the hair

Splitting of the hair is quite common and almost exclusively in women in the long hair of the scalp, but it has also been observed in the hair of men, in particular, the hair of the beard.

The reasons

Occur with various skin lesions of the scalp that disrupt the function of sebum secretion, other diseases (tuberculosis, syphilis, anemia, etc.) and disorders resulting from improper hair care that causes excessive degreasing (hard water, poor-quality or improperly selected shampoo , frequent washing, etc.).


With trichoptilosis, the hair is always dry, without normal shine and slipperiness, since there is hypofunction of the sebaceous glands.

Traditionally, not all hairs are affected, but only some of the surrounding normal hairs. The ends of the hair are traditionally split longitudinally into two, less often into three or more parts, representing “brushes”.

Trichoptylosis can occur not only in the stem of the grown hair, but can also exist in the hair roots simultaneously with the atrophy of the bulbs.


Instead of regular shampoos, use medicated repair shampoos with lecithin, vitamin B5, chamomile extract, lime blossom, mint, wheat germ, and buy wooden or plastic brushes with large, sparse teeth. And the ends of the hair will be protected by a special cream or balm for split ends, which are rubbed into the ends after wrinkling the hair and do not wash off. A cream or liquid covers the hairs with a kind of protective film and at the same time restores them from the inside. The soft vegetable proteins contained in such products fill the gaps in the ends of split ends, while beer, keratins and henna strengthen the hair without making it heavy.

Split ends will also be protected by weekly almond or olive oil hair masks applied 30 minutes before washing, which can also be used for a light scalp massage. But split ends sometimes need to be cut (after about 6-8 weeks, and if the hair is long – at least once a month), and it is best to do this in a hairdresser with hot scissors that “solder” the ends of split ends.

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