Sexual complexes

Sexual complexes are manifestations of suppressed or suppressed (both consciously and unconsciously) needs, desires, memories that affect the sensual sphere and sexual behavior. This is one of the most common forms of sexual violations. The most common sexual complexes include:

  • onanistic complex (onanophobia) – a false, often obsessive belief that masturbation necessarily leads to sexual pathology;
  • complex “small penis”;
  • imaginary impotence complex;
  • a “sexual inferiority complex” – often an obsessive belief that with the help of one’s own sexual probabilities it is impossible to satisfy a sexual partner;
  • clitoral orgasm rejection complex – the belief that getting an orgasm when stimulating the clitoris is an abnormal, pathological phenomenon, leads to the rejection of this method of getting an orgasm, even if it is impossible to achieve it in other ways.

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