Salpingitis – inflammation of the fallopian tubes due to a bacterial infection that spreads to the tubes from the vagina or uterus or is carried with blood .. Salpingitis in some cases can occur simultaneously with inflammation of the ovaries (oophoritis). Inflammation of the fallopian tubes, not often leading to their infection

Causes of salpingitis

It is caused by various infections (gonnococus, escherichia, chlamydia, etc.), along with which abortion, childbirth, and menstruation can serve as a provoking factor. Less commonly, salpingitis can be caused by chronic recurrent inflammation of the appendages.

Varieties of salpingitis

The disease occurs in acute, subacute and chronic form (with genital tuberculosis).

The main symptoms of salpingitis

Symptoms of the inflammatory process are very diverse and not always pronounced. As a rule, salpingitis manifests itself as pain in the lower abdomen, which can radiate to the sacrum or lower back.

The following signs can serve as an alarm signal: recurring attacks of fever, chills; pain in the legs or lower back; frequent urge to urinate, difficulty urinating, accompanied by burning and itching; abnormal leucorrhoea, foul-smelling vaginal discharge; pain and bleeding during or after sexual intercourse; a significant increase in spasms and pain during menstruation; bloating, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting; unusual weakness and extreme fatigue.

Treatment of salpingitis

It depends on the stage of the disease, the nature of the course, as well as the individual tolerance of the sick person to various products. A decisive role in the treatment of salpingitis is its early and correct diagnosis.

Prevention of salpingitis

Prevention of salpingitis includes the fight against abortion, prevention of postpartum and post-abortion complications, careful consideration of contraindications for various intrauterine interventions, timely elimination of foci of extragenital infection, and effective treatment of diseases of the pelvic organs. Of great importance is the hygienic education of girls and women.

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