pink lichen

Pink lichen is an infectious-allergic skin disease characterized by patchy rashes.

The reasons

There is an assumption of an infectious origin of pink deprivation, based on a positive intradermal reaction to the streptococcal vaccine. In addition, the viral origin of the disease is not excluded, since it often manifests itself against the background of SARS.


The disease begins (traditionally against the background or soon after a cold) with the appearance on the skin of the trunk of a single large round pink spot with a diameter of 2 cm or more (the so-called maternal plaque), the central part of which gradually acquires a yellowish tint, as if wrinkled and begins to slightly peel off.

Usually a few days after the appearance of the maternal plaque on the skin of the trunk and extremities, multiple small oval pink spots with a diameter of 0.5-1 cm appear, located along the lines of Langer.

Gradually, barely noticeable dry folded scales are revealed in the center of the spots, and along the periphery – a red border free from scales.


Diagnosis of pink lichen in typical cases does not cause difficulties. Sometimes in the peripheral blood there is a slight leukocytosis and eosinophilia.


Pink lichen may disappear on its own without treatment.

It is necessary to exclude water procedures. Assign a diet with a restriction of pickles, spices, marinades, concentrated broths.

It is not recommended to use ointments and pastes on your own, this can lead to an even greater spread of the rash. 

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