Moles (nevi)

Moles (nevi) are skin formations of various shapes and colors. They can occur both during the life of a person, and even before his birth.

The exact root cause of the appearance of moles is unknown. There are versions that they appear at the site of mechanical (injured), radiation or chemical effects on the skin; it is also assumed that a hereditary factor plays a certain role in their formation.

It is difficult to give a clear description of such a skin formation, since it can be of any shape (flat or convex), of various colors (from light pink to dark brown, almost black). It is also incredible to single out the predominant place of its occurrence on the body – it can be absolutely on any part of the body.

Moles are a hidden danger, because under external influence, and sometimes without it, they can transform into malignant tumors. Their frequent injuries, prolonged exposure to sunlight, infection can lead to this. It has been noticed that more often such skin formations degenerate into a malignant tumor in people with fair skin. In addition, people with a large number of moles (especially if they are extremely large and strongly protruding), freckles and other age spots are at risk.

Because of the likelihood of developing into cancer, doctors often advise removing them. Many people remove formations for safety reasons, as well as from an aesthetic point of view.

It is worth approaching the removal of a mole with all responsibility, because an incorrectly performed operation can also accelerate or provoke a pathological process. In modern medicine, removal is carried out using special equipment by various methods: by means of electrocoagulation, laser, cryodeformation, radiosurgery.

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