A mole is a congenital malformation of the skin or benign tumors of a viral nature acquired throughout life.


At a certain point, skin cells overflow with pigment and turn into melanocytes, the accumulation of which is called a mole.

In a large number of moles are found during puberty – under the influence of hormones. Barely noticeable spots begin to increase in volume, the color changes, up to black.


Pigmented moles are present in almost all people older than ten years. According to medicine, most often they are found on the face – when calculated on a hundred square centimeters of the skin plane.

In infants, there are almost no dotted moles, but they appear already in the first years of life. Most likely, in newborns, pinpoint pigment spots are so small that they are difficult to notice.


Under the influence of external factors (ultraviolet radiation, mechanical damage – trauma or frequent rubbing), a mole can degenerate into melanoma – one of the most dangerous human malignant tumors. Therefore, if a mole is located in a place where it can often be injured (for example, on the soles of the feet, palms, on the neck under the collar or at the waist), it is advisable to remove it after consulting with a doctor.

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