Ligament sprain is an injury resulting from the impact on the ligamentous apparatus of the joint of a load that exceeds the elasticity of the tissues.

The reasons

Sprain and rupture appear with sudden movements in the joint, exceeding its normal amplitude and not coinciding with its normal direction. The most commonly injured ankle joint, rarely the knee.


In the joint, there is a tear of the ligaments and rupture of the vessels. The area of ​​the joint swells, a bruise shows through the blue skin. The wounded place is painful when palpated and especially when moving; however, the victim, despite the sprain in the joint, can move.


With each sprain, you will need to provide first aid, the task of which is to reduce pain. First of all, the injured joint will need to be immobilized; for this purpose, with a small tumor, you can use an elastic bandage. If there is Burow’s liquid, then it can be used to prepare a compress, as this product reduces swelling. With any sprain, you will need to seek help from a doctor, since with such damage a bone fracture is not ruled out.

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