eye destruction

Destruction of the eye – damage to the eye due to the impact of blunt force on them directly or through the tissues surrounding the eye when exposed to a damaging object on the bones of the skull, face, orbit, and even distant parts of the body.

The reasons

Such injuries can be caused by large fragments of ruptured gas siphons, bottles, bounced cables and other objects.


Symptoms are varied and are determined by the severity of the damage. With the destruction of the eyes, hemorrhages under the skin of the eyelids and conjunctiva, tears and crushing of the eyelids, swelling and erosion of the cornea are observed.

With a large impact force, sometimes there is a rupture of the sclera with prolapse of the iris, ciliary body, lens, subluxation and dislocation of the lens, hemorrhages in the anterior chamber, vitreous body. Retinal edema and detachment. Blunt trauma infrequently leads to impaired intraocular fluid circulation and glaucoma, and sometimes to hypotension and indolent iridocyclitis.


Visual disturbances are determined by the nature and severity of the damage.


Urgent hospitalization in an ophthalmic hospital, where primary microsurgical treatment of wounds of the eyelids and the eyeball is performed. Primary enucleation of the eye is not recommended.

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