Food poisoning

Food poisoning is a polyetiological disease that occurs when microbial agents and (or) their toxins enter the body with food. The disease typically has an acute onset, a rapid course, symptoms of general intoxication and lesions of the digestive system. Pathogens – staphylococcal enterotoxins type A, B, C, D, E, salmonella, shigella, Escherichia, streptococcus, spore anaerobes, spore aerobes, halophilic vibrios. The mechanism of transmission is fecal-oral. The source of infection is a sick person or bacterial carrier, as well as sick animals and bacterial excretors. The disease can occur both in the form of sporadic cases and outbreaks. The incidence is recorded throughout the year, but slightly increases in warm weather.

Symptoms and course of food poisoning . The incubation period is short – up to several hours. Chills, fever, nausea, repeated vomiting, cramping pains in the abdomen, mainly in the iliac and within the umbilical region, are noted. Frequent, loose stools, sometimes with an admixture of mucus, join. Intoxication phenomena are observed: dizziness, headache, weakness, loss of appetite. The skin and visible mucous membranes are dry. Tongue coated, dry.

Recognition of food poisoning. The diagnosis of foodborne infectious poisoning is made on the basis of the clinical picture, epidemiological history and laboratory tests. Of decisive importance are the results of bacteriological examination of feces, vomit, gastric lavage.

Treatment of food poisoning. To remove infected products and their toxins, gastric lavage will be necessary, which gives the greatest effect in the first hours of the disease. However, with nausea and vomiting, this procedure can be carried out at a later period. Washing is carried out with a 2% solution of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or a 0.1% solution of potassium permanganate until clean water is discharged. For the purpose of detoxification and restoration of water balance, saline solutions are used: trisol, quartasol, rehydron and others. The patient is given plenty of fluids in small doses. Medical nutrition is important. Foods that can irritate the gastrointestinal tract are excluded from the diet. Well-cooked, pureed, non-spicy food is recommended. To correct and compensate for digestive insufficiency, it will be necessary to use enzymes and enzyme complexes – pepsin, pancreatin, festal, etc. (7-15 days). To restore the normal intestinal microflora, the appointment of colibacterin, lactobacterin, bificol, bifidumbacterin is indicated.

Prevention of food poisoning . Compliance with sanitary and hygienic rules at public catering establishments, food industry. Early detection of persons suffering from tonsillitis, pneumonia, pustular skin lesions and other infectious diseases, bacteria excretors. Veterinary control over the state of dairy farms and the health of cows (staphylococcal mastitis, pustular diseases) is important.

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Food poisoning

Answer #1

You don’t have to eat a lot.
From porridge, only oatmeal on the water is suitable. Better than fast food.
There is a need for drying. Cottage cheese with sour cream. Maybe kefir.
Take a dark shower. The poison is largely expelled through the skin.
Activated charcoal continue.

Answer #2

Pancreas just can’t cope with the load yet … Eat small portions for a week … and it will return to normal …

Answer #3

You need to eat less, otherwise you will break the pancreas from overeating and earn a very serious disease, pancreatitis. The pancreas cannot cope with the digestion of excess food and begins to inflame and hurt.

Answer #4

Drink Filtrum, it’s good for food poisoning.

Answer #5

After suffering a toxic infection, the pancreas is still rather weak. Just observe the dietary diet for the time being, all the food eaten during the week should be subjected to heat treatment, it is advisable to cook at home, exclude dairy products, sweets, spicy foods, alcoholic beverages, observe an adequate drinking regimen, herbal teas are allowed. Of the drugs, it is best to take enzymes for the time being (Mezim, Creon), so both the process of splitting food and the process of absorption of the resulting food components improves.

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