Perianal genital warts

Genital warts are papillary formations, dense, gray-pink in color, localized on the skin of the perianal region, also often on the genitals of men and women. In some cases, warts merge with each other, forming separate conglomerates in the form of cauliflower, often located so densely that they close the anus. More often, simple genital warts are found between which unaffected skin is visible.

Currently, there is enough evidence that this disease is caused by a virus.

Patients with perianal genital warts complain of growths within the anus, itching, burning, a feeling of weeping in this area, sometimes pain during defecation and blood smears. When viewed on the skin within the anus, the formations described above are determined, and a digital examination of the rectum reveals (if any) dense condylomas in the anal canal. Mandatory research is sigmoidoscopy, which allows osmo30% of the anal canal and the colon from the inside, as well as tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis.

Perianal genital warts are subject to mandatory removal with subsequent histological examination. Of course, it is better and easier to remove warts both for the sick person and for doctors at the very beginning of their development. This will also need to be done because, firstly, they are prone to fairly rapid growth, and secondly, they may appear inside the anal canal, which aggravates the treatment.

Currently, there are many ways to treat genital warts. More effective is the surgical excision of genital warts, which can be performed with a scalpel, electric knife, laser, radio wave knife, etc. In the presence of concomitant warts on the genitals, their simultaneous excision will be necessary. In advanced cases, antiviral and immunostimulating therapy is carried out.

In any case, it is extremely important to observe the patient after the operation for several (usually up to 3 months) in order to prevent the recurrence of the disease and ultimately cure the patient.

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