Intermittent claudication

Name: Intermittent claudication


Intermittent lameness . Occurs with obliterating atherosclerosis, obliterating endarteritis. The main symptom is the occurrence of pain in the calf muscles when walking, which disappear or decrease when you stop. The appearance of intermittent claudication is promoted by diabetes mellitus, high blood lipids, obesity, smoking, advanced and senile age. Usually obliterating atherosclerosis is combined with vasoconstriction of the brain, heart, kidneys.

Symptoms and course depend on the severity of circulatory disorders in the extremities.

  • Stage 1 – a decrease and absence of a pulse in the vessels of the legs.
  • Stage 2 – actually intermittent claudication (pain in the calf muscles and gluteal region when walking – the patient can walk from 30 to 100 m).
  • Stage 3 – pain at rest and at night of increasing intensity.
  • Stage 4 – significant pain at rest, physical activity is almost impossible: pronounced malnutrition of soft tissues, tissue necrosis (necrosis) on the fingers and feet, the development of gangrene.

Recognition: angiography, dopplerography of the vessels of the lower extremities.

Treatment . The main one is surgical, while its improbability is conservative: antispasmodics (no-shpa, papaverine, halidor), painkillers, ganglionic blockers (diprofen, dicolin), antiplatelet agents (trental, chimes, aspirin), agents that improve nutritional processes in tissues (vitamins, complamin , solcoseryl). Physiotherapeutic procedures, hyperbaric oxygenation (oxygen treatment in a pressure chamber), spa treatment are carried out.

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you can’t heal her. Well, you can somehow relieve the symptoms, but not for long. You can start drinking and smoking. vseravno effect with legs will be the same.

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I found soft material for the insoles, while this is how I save myself – the diagnosis is polyneuropathy in type 2 diabetes, they say that polypropylene should be looked for in the construction markets – it is semi-rigid, I tried shock wave therapy – almost to no purpose.

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And intermittent claudication, you need to see a doctor.

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