Tooth fracture

Tooth fracture – damage to the tooth with a violation of the integrity of its crown or root. Trauma to the teeth may be accompanied by the destruction of the tooth socket, fractures of the alveolar process or jaws.


  • incomplete fractures (without opening the pulp):
  • cracks in enamel and dentin;
  • marginal fracture of the crown in the enamel zone;
  • marginal fracture of the crown in the zone of enamel and dentin;
  • complete fractures (with opening of the pulp) – open and closed:
  • neck of the tooth;
  • root;
  • root tops.

The reasons

The cause of a tooth fracture can be a blow, a fall, a sports injury, etc.


Severe pain, the intensity of which increases when you try to open your mouth; may be associated with signs of damage to the dental bed. When the enamel was broken off, complaints of mild pain from touch. With a fracture within the dentin, the pain is stronger. When the pulp is exposed, spontaneous pain increases sharply when the mouth is opened.


An x-ray examination is required.


When the pulp is exposed and there are signs of its inflammation, when it is not exposed, a vital extirpation is performed (conductive anesthesia). A root fracture requires its removal. In case of breakage of enamel and partly dentin – observation, and further cosmetic restoration of the crown.

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adjective. can be a definition for the words: horse tooth fracture

Answer #1

certainly. Molar, reliable horse, open fracture

Answer #2

Hot horse.
Open (closed) fracture.

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