twisted hair

Name: Twisted hair


Twisted hair is spirally twisted dystrophic hair.

The reasons

Clinically, hair is normal at birth, but vellus hair is gradually replaced by abnormally curled hair that becomes apparent by the 3rd month of life.


Damaged hair is brittle, breaks easily and does not grow to a significant length. Usually the hair breaks off at a length of 5 cm, but can break off even higher if exposed to traumatic agents. Areas with twisted hair look like alopecia. With side lighting, the hair shines on the lesions, as the reflection of the incident light rays increases in the twisted places.

The hair of little girls is most often affected, less often of blonde women.


Usually, after reaching the age of 8-12, twisted hair becomes invisible, as it is hidden by normal hair growing within.

The treatment consists in careful, careful handling of the hair and in lubricating them with fatty substances that increase the slipperiness of the hair.

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