A parasite


A paracyst is an inflammation within the vesicular fatty tissue.

Distinguish between anterior and retrovesical paracystitis. When the inflammatory process spreads to the entire paravesical tissue, they speak of total paracystitis.

The reasons

Infection can enter the paravesical tissue from the outside in case of injuries of the pelvic bones complicated by osteomyelitis, from the bladder in case of a severe purulent-inflammatory process in it (including tuberculosis), in case of damage to the bladder during hernia repair and gynecological operations (urinary leakage), by transition of the inflammatory process from neighboring organs (with purulent prostatitis, vesiculitis, appendicitis, adnexitis, parametritis, etc.), hematogenously in the presence of a distant purulent focus in the body or lymphogenously from the bladder and intestines. In later years, paracystitis occurs relatively infrequently due to more timely and effective treatment of cystitis.


Paracystitis can be acute and chronic. Acute paracystitis is manifested by high body temperature, chills, weakness, sweating. A painful swelling may appear in the abdomen above the pubis. Sometimes an abscess occurs within the vesicular fatty tissue. Urination becomes more frequent. If the inflammatory process occurs behind the bladder, the act of defecation becomes painful.


Diagnosis of paracystitis is made with the help of laboratory tests and mandatory cystoscopy. With cystoscopy, an impression of the bladder wall is found, sometimes when pus breaks into the bladder, a fistula is found in the bladder stack.


In the initial stages of paracystitis, broad-spectrum antibiotics are prescribed in combination with chemical antibacterial products. Physical therapy is required. The patient is recommended bed rest, heavy drinking, cold on the bladder area. Upon detection of pus within the vesicular tissue, abscesses are opened and drained.

If paracystitis is not recognized in time or the treatment is incomplete, and the inflammatory process is mild, chronic paracystitis may occur.

A membrane appears around the zone of chronic inflammation, the inflammatory process is encapsulated, or in the place of the chronic process, thickening and sclerosis of adipose tissue occurs.

In this case, the patient has dull aching pains in the bladder area, sometimes the body temperature rises to small numbers.

If compaction and sclerosis occurs within the vesicular fatty tissue, the bladder can be compressed, its capacity is reduced and frequent urination appears.

In the presence of encysted abscesses, they are removed surgically.

In the presence of a zone of compaction and sclerosis of fatty tissue, antibacterial products, absorbable products, and physiotherapy are prescribed. 

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