Parametritis – inflammation of the connective tissue located within the cervix and between the sheets of its broad ligaments.

Causes of parametritis

It occurs most often as a result of various interventions on the uterus (pathological childbirth, abortion, gynecological operations). Pathogenic or conditionally pathogenic flora penetrates into the parametrium when the uterus is traumatized or, more rarely, by lymphogenous or hematogenous routes from nearby foci of infection (adnexitis, endocervicitis, colpitis).

Varieties of parameters

  • spicy
  • subacute
  • chronic

The main symptoms of parametritis

One of the first symptoms of the disease is a persistent increase in temperature, with suppuration, sharp drops and rises in temperature .. Initially, the general condition of the patient is practically unchanged, then signs of intoxication are detected and increase – headache, weakness, lethargy, adynamia. There are complaints of dull pain in the lower abdomen, a feeling of pressure on the rectum, dysuric phenomena and difficulty in the act of defecation may join.

Treatment of parametritis

In acute parametritis, hospitalization is indicated. Assign bed rest, ice on the lower abdomen, antibiotics and symptomatic agents. When an abscess is formed in the parameters (the presence of fluctuations), surgery is performed. In subacute and chronic parametritis, physiotherapy and spa treatment are recommended.

Parametritis prevention

It consists in the rational management of childbirth, the prevention of abortion, strict adherence to the rules of asepsis during intrauterine manipulations, the timely detection and treatment of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.

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