Panic attacks

Panic attacks – an unexpected and quickly, over several minutes, growing complex of vegetative disorders (vegetative crisis – palpitations, chest tightness, a feeling of suffocation, lack of air, sweating, dizziness), combined with a feeling of impending death, fear of loss of consciousness or loss of control over yourself, madness.

At the onset of the disease, the duration of panic attacks varies widely, although traditionally it does not exceed 20-30 minutes.

Panic attacks can be:

  • psychogenically provoked (unpleasant news, exam, quarrel);
  • somatogenic (concomitant somatic disease);
  • spontaneously occurring (more often in stuffy rooms in transport).

To eliminate fears, more active psychotherapeutic influences are required. Various types of relaxation are used, including hypnosis. Rational psychotherapy is also shown, built on logical argumentation (explanation of the true essence of the disease, persuasion and reorientation to an adequate understanding by the patient of the manifestations of the disease and the need for treatment).

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What is a panic attack? And can it seem from her that it hurts the heart?

Answer #1

her heart is not toko … everything is shaking from her … there is not enough air and in general.

Answer #2Паническая_атака

Answer #3

Panic attack syndrome or autonomic crisis is an acute attack of anxiety with a variety of autonomic symptoms, which may include pain in the heart. Before the introduction of ICD in Russia, it was called neurocirculatory or vegetovascular dystonia according to various types … with pain in the heart – according to the cardiac type. Panic attacks can be symptoms of depressive disorders, endocrinological diseases, heart disease, etc. Or they can occur as a result of taking any drugs …

Answer #4

Panic fear In Greek mythology, Pan is the god of the herds, the patron of the shepherds, then of all nature. Pan can instill such fear when a person rushes to run recklessly, without looking at the road, through forests, over mountains, along the edge of abysses, not noticing that flight threatens him with death every minute. It happened that Pan inspired a similar fear in an entire army, and it turned into an unstoppable flight. The Greeks believed that he struck the Persians with such fear at the battle of Marathon. Hence “panic fear” – unaccountable, sudden, uncontrollable fear, covering a person or many people, causing confusion. This is where the word “panic” comes from.

Answer #5

A panic attack is an attack of AD. It may feel like a heartache.

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