Orchitis is an inflammation of the testicle. It occurs as a complication of infectious diseases (influenza, tuberculosis, etc.), or with a scrotal injury.

Orchitis symptoms. The disease develops rapidly: the testicle increases in size, becomes dense, sharply painful, the temperature rises. Anti-inflammatory therapy is carried out, bed rest is observed, and suspensoria are worn. After the inflammation subsides, it will be necessary to wear a suspension, prohibition of sexual activity until the permission of the doctor.

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animal diseases. My dog ​​has orchitis, who will advise a good treatment, otherwise there is no sense in what the veterinarians prescribe

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well, you could at least describe in more detail … what you have already been prescribed … for how long … and other subtleties …

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Treatments include cooling compresses of altacet or acetic solution. ..The feeling of pain is weakened by cooling ointments, which are applied to the testicles with a layer to the thickness of the back of the knife. For inflammation of the testicles lasting for several days, warm moist compresses can be applied, but in this condition, irritating ointments (ichthyol and camphor) should not be used, since they cause excessive irritation of the sensitive scrotum and lead to oozing eczema. It is recommended to apply a bag well lined with cotton – a suspensorium, in which the scrotum with testicles should hang freely. The suspensorium protects the testicles from external irritants, and also makes it impossible to lick the ointment from the scrotum. Such bags of different sizes can be purchased at the pharmacy. They are attached with four ribbons on the back of the dog, and in order to prevent the ribbons from being pulled back, you can additionally connect them to the collar. During the treatment period, you need to provide the dog with more rest and less movement.

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My dog ​​is neutered and there are no problems, he feels great, everyone is happy.

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change vet. and a veterinarian. until something bad happened to the animal

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oh, I can’t …. a sack on the scrotum …. :)))) it would be very funny if it weren’t so sad …. orchitis is caused by several reasons – from bacterial seeding in an ascending type to a tumor lesion (very common) and testicular injury. novocaine-antibiotic-glucocorticosteroid blockades + systemic antibiotic – what you need for a tank. orchitis. Castration – with prostatitis and testicular tumors. find out the reason – save the pet! urinalysis, ultrasound of the testes and prostate gland, probably urine culture. but the blockade of even pure novocaine once a day or two days can be started right now

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