Neurocirculatory dystonia (NCD)

Name: Neurocirculatory dystonia (NCD)


Neurocirculatory dystonia (NCD) is a functional disorder of the cardiovascular system.

This disease is caused by a violation of the regulatory influence of the central and autonomic nervous system on the functions of internal organs.

The reasons

In people of different ages, asthenia as a result of acute and chronic infectious diseases and intoxication, lack of sleep, overwork, improper diets, sexual activity, physical activity (physical inactivity or physical overload) can contribute to the development of NCD. In a number of patients, a hereditary predisposition to pathological vasomotor reactions matters.

In adolescents and young men, NDC is most often caused by a mismatch between physical development and the formation of neuroendocrine regulation of autonomic functions.


Not often patients come to the doctor with complaints of increased fatigue, poor sleep. The pain in the heart is especially disturbing: sometimes it lasts for several hours in a row, it can also be instant, strong, like a “puncture”.


Patients rarely show changes in the ECG due to a violation of the nervous regulation of metabolic processes in the heart. This picture of the ECG is very typical for neurocirculatory dystonia, as well as the appearance on the ECG of shifts caused by deep breathing, vertical position.


Non-drug methods of treatment have an advantage, among which the normalization of lifestyle, hardening procedures, physical education and some sports (swimming, athletics) are also the most important means of preventing NCD. Physiotherapy, balneotherapy, spa treatment are used.

With irritability, sleep disorders, the use of sedatives is indicated – products of valerian, motherwort, valocardine; sometimes nosepam or other tranquilizers.

In the hypotensive type of NCD with orthostatic disorders, exercises are prescribed that train the muscles of the legs and abdominals; it is recommended to smoothly move from a lying position to a standing position through an intermediate stay in a sitting position, to avoid prolonged standing.

In some cases, it is advisable to use medications containing ergot alkaloids (belloid, etc.), to prevent orthostatic disorders by taking caffeine or phetanol (with severe hyposympathicotonia).

With a hypertensive type of NCD, a short-term intake of beta-blockers, rauwolfia products, may be indicated.

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