Vitamin B3 deficiency, PP

Deficiency of nicotinic acid (vitamin B3, PP) . Severe deficiency is manifested by symptoms of pellagra. The daily requirement of adults for nicotinic acid is 20-25 mg.

Symptoms and course of vitamin B3 deficiency, PP

The digestive, nervous system and skin are mainly affected. Loss of appetite, dryness and burning sensation in the mouth, vomiting, diarrhea alternating with constipation, general progressive weakness are indicative. Tongue bright red, edematous with painful ulcerations, later lacquered. Erosive, Achilles gastritis occurs, polyneuritis may develop, in severe cases, convulsions, unsteadiness when walking, dementia. Skin lesions are manifested by redness, itching, peeling, hyperpigmentation on exposed areas of the body and extremities, skin peeling.

Recognition based on the data of the clinical picture, lowering the level of nicotinic acid in the daily urine. The levels of other B vitamins also decrease in the blood and urine.

Treatment of vitamin B3 deficiency, PP . Complete nutrition (meat, fresh fish, nuts, legumes, bread), nicotinic acid or nicotiamide in combination with other B vitamins.

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