Violations of the course of sexual life in men

Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual disorder in men. There is an opinion that within 50% of men experience certain difficulties with erection, and on an organic basis, these difficulties appear only in 15% of cases. Contributing factors for the occurrence of erectile dysfunction in 5% of cases is the dominance of the mother in the family of the boy, in 3% – the dominance of the father, in 20% – homosexual tendencies, and in 15% of cases – religious factors. The reasons for the appearance of this disorder can be attributed to seven organic factors (injury, postoperative complications, vascular disorders, neurological diseases, hormonal disorders, metabolic disorders, as a result of the use of certain drugs) and four psychogenic factors (partnership problems, stress, fear, psychopathology) .

Among the organic causes of this pathology, hyperprolactinemia is increasingly noted in the later years. Erectile dysfunction occurs in 83% of men suffering from this disease. But, perhaps, the main place among the organic causes of erectile dysfunction belongs to vascular pathology. So, problems with the development of erection are observed in 10–30% of men who have had a myocardial infarction, and according to some reports, even in 47–73% of this contingent of patients. It is interesting that death during sexual intercourse in men who have had a myocardial infarction is 0.6% of all types of death due to diseases, and in 80% of cases it begins during extramarital sexual contacts.

Among the causes of erectile dysfunction, the most frequently noted are: the age factor, obesity, the use of certain drugs, alcoholism. The connection of these disorders with disorders in the system of transmission of nerve impulses is also indicated. Golden notes that erectile dysfunction is a typical sexual disorder for the culture of the West and they develop as a result of endemic sexual ignorance, against the background of unrealized sexuality and various phobias.

According to our research, erectile dysfunction is detected in 21% of alcoholics and 40% of drug addicts. Among the psychogenic factors, the most common causes of erectile dysfunction were sexual complexes, phobias and partner factors.

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