Visual impairment in children

How often we reproach ourselves for not doing something on time… It’s especially offensive when it comes to the health of our kids.

The first years of a baby’s life are a time of intensive development of vision. It is during this period that vision is formed, which means that in the period from 3 to 7 years, the best effect is achieved in the treatment of problems identified in time. Therefore, ophthalmologists say that the main thing that parents should know about the vision of their baby is that all the main problems with the vision of babies are detected before the age of 7. After 7 years, the baby’s visual system begins to experience increased stress associated with the school and “crawls into the light” everything that did not appear before and that could have been prevented: myopia, astigmatism, amblyopia … At the same time, it is already more difficult to fight the disease, so how precious time is lost, and therefore much more effort will be spent to obtain a good result. Unfortunately, in kindergartens, eye examinations are nominal, and it is very difficult to independently determine whether the baby has problems. After all, if a child does not experience sharp pain, he often simply does not understand that he does not see well.

And already after 12 years, vision problems usually do not respond to therapy and it remains only to wait for the end of childhood to start dealing with the problem in an adult way, that is, to do laser vision correction and other operations that could have been avoided.

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