Violation of the sexual readiness complex

The sexual readiness complex is a condition that determines the likelihood of a woman having sexual intercourse. First of all, it is characterized by the development in the process of sexual arousal of a sufficient degree of vaginal moisture (the so-called lubrication), which allows for free and painless insertion (mission) of the penis into the vagina and friction during intercourse. This complex also includes a temporary relaxation of the muscles of the perineum and vagina in a woman, which occurs before sexual intercourse and facilitates the immission of the penis.

With insufficient or no lubrication, also with the absence or insufficient relaxation of the corresponding muscles, sexual intercourse can cause pain or discomfort for both partners (dyspareunia) or even become unbelievable. The causes of this disorder are the lack of consent of the woman to have sexual intercourse, inadequate sexual stimulation of the woman by the partner before the onset of sexual intercourse, the woman’s hyposexuality, the woman’s fear of a possible pregnancy, and situational factors.

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