Nanophyetosis is a helminthiasis from the group of trematodosis, characterized by the phenomena of enteritis.

The reasons

Occurring disease among the population of the Far East. The causative agent is nanophyetus, which parasitizes in the intestines of humans, dogs, cats, minks, and badgers. A person becomes infected by eating raw or insufficiently processed (thermally, salted) fish containing viable pathogens. As a result, helminths have a mechanical and toxic-allergic effect on the intestinal tissue.


Pain and rumbling in the abdomen, diarrhoea, constipation, salivation and nausea at night.


Diagnosis is based on finding nanophyetus eggs (resembling diphyllobotrid eggs) in the stool.


Male fern extract at a dose of 3-3.5 g.


Prevention consists in eating only well-cooked fish.

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