Metritis (from the Greek metra – uterus) – inflammation of the muscular and mucous layers of the uterus. It occurs as a result of the introduction of infection into the uterine cavity (most often streptococci and staphylococci) after an abortion, complicated childbirth, less often as a complication of acute diseases (tuberculosis, tonsillitis, etc.).

Varieties of metritis

Acute metritis. Deep penetration of infection in endometritis into the stroma and beyond it is traditional in infectious septic diseases after childbirth and abortion.

Chronic metritis. The transition of an acute form into a chronic one, a disorder of the hormonal function of the ovary (persistent follicle); circulatory disorder with incorrect positions (especially with retroflexion) of the uterus, etc.

Metritis symptoms

Increased body temperature, pain in the lower abdomen, weakness, headache, general malaise and decreased appetite. Note the appearance of discharge from the uterus of a serous, purulent or putrefactive nature. Often, especially in chronic metritis, profuse uterine bleeding occurs.

Treatment of metritis

in the acute stage – rest, cold on the lower abdomen, antibiotics, sulfanilamide products; with chronic metritis – physiotherapy, spa treatment.

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