Mastoiditis is an acute purulent inflammation of the cells of the mastoid process of the temporal bone in the temporal bone. The mastoid process is located behind the auricle. This bone has a spongy structure. With mastoiditis, the cavities of this bone sponge are filled with pus and begin to collapse.

The reasons

Just like that, mastoiditis will not appear from scratch. Usually this disease is provoked by a blow or inflammation of the middle ear. In rare cases, mastoiditis is a complication of blood poisoning.


If mastoiditis is a complication of inflammation of the middle ear, then the process begins about twenty days after the onset of otitis media. Suddenly, the body temperature jumps sharply, and up to thirty-nine degrees, or even higher. The patient feels a sharp and severe pain in the ear. Pain of a jerky nature. Gradually, the pain intensifies.

At the same time, the general condition of the patient worsens significantly. He refuses to eat, cannot sleep normally, and suffers from migraine-like pains. If you bend the auricle from the side from which the ear hurts, you can find inflamed red skin and swelling. Any touch to the mastoid process gives the patient suffering.

But that’s not all. The most important symptom of mastoiditis is the release of purulent masses from the ear canal. If you or someone close to you is experiencing these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Mastoiditis can lead to very serious consequences, which you will learn about a little later.


Differential diagnosis is sometimes carried out with a furuncle of the external auditory canal, in which there is severe pain when touching the tragus and pulling the auricle, swelling of the affected area and an increase in regional lymph nodes.


Treatment in the initial stages is the same as for acute otitis media. Apply dry heat, solux, UHF-therapy. Boric alcohol is instilled into the ear. Assign sulfonamides, antibiotics in doses corresponding to the age of the patient. With ineffective conservative treatment, mastoidectomy is indicated – opening of festering cells of the mastoid process and removal of the pathologically altered bone. With untimely treatment, intracerebral complications, sepsis, facial paralysis are possible.

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