lumbago (shot)

Lumbago is a sharp pain (lumbago) in the lower back (lower back), regardless of the causes of its occurrence and the nature of the manifestation.

The main causes of lumbago are overexertion of the lumbar region, lumbar hernia, displacement of the vertebrae or congenital anomalies of the vertebrae.

The causes of severe sudden lumbago, which can occur in a person while bending over or lifting weights, are traditionally either a prolapse of the intervertebral disc, or significant tension in the muscles and ligaments of the back.

It appears in the initial stage of the dystrophic process in the intervertebral disc, the gelatinous nucleus of which loses its elasticity and breaks up into separate fragments. Which, with physical stress and movements of the spine, can shift and put pressure on the fibrous ring, which contains sensitive receptors. Irritation of receptors in the segment of the spine is the cause of pain, reflex reactions and tonic tension in the muscles of the lumbar region.

Lumbago is most common in men in their 30s and 40s. Appears, as a rule, at the time of intense physical activity or later, provoked by overheating (with sweating) and subsequent cooling. The character of a sudden sharp pain in the lower back is tearing, throbbing, piercing, shooting. Subjectively, pain sensations are localized deep in the muscles, ligaments, bones. The occurrence of pain phenomena in lumbago is due to irritation of the receptor located in the area of ​​the fibrous ring of the affected disc or adjacent ligaments. In response, there is a tonic muscle tension.

During an attack, a person becomes helpless, freezes in a forced position, any attempt to move increases pain, a spasm of the muscles of the lumbar region develops. pain duration from several minutes to several hours and days. At rest and in the supine position on a hard plane, the acute pain subsides. It happens that severe pain disappears as suddenly as it appeared. In this case, patients have a feeling that “something has fallen into place” in the lower back.

Usually, aching pain in the lower back persists in the following days, it increases with exertion, coughing, sneezing, bending over.

Treatment of lumbago

When attacked, you need to see a doctor.

A safe and cheap, drug-free treatment for lumbago, as well as relieving pain during an attack, is electrophore (vitadrav).

Methods for relieving pain during lumbago:

  • sometimes the pain can be made to disappear as quickly as it came on by a combination of pressure and pull along the spine. But not all lumbago can be affected by such an influence; for the disappearance of most of them, only rest is required.
  • if you want to be treated more actively, you can try hanging on the door, carefully turning the lower back to the right and left. This usually relieves, and sometimes even completely removes the pain.
  • hot baths help well, also dry cans in the lumbar region, rubbing with medicinal ointments.
  • Another very good remedy is pepper plaster. This patch should be stuck on the lower back.

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First aid for lumbago (lumbago)?

Answer #1

The patient cannot unbend, takes a forced (half-bent) position. Immediately after the “lumbago”, it is recommended to lie on your back (on the floor, on a hard bench), bend your knees and try, by relaxing the muscles of the lower back, to press the lumbar spine to a hard surface. Often this technique prevents the development of a pain attack, reduces muscle tension in the lumbar region.
Further treatment is carried out by a doctor. At L. prescribe bed rest. The bed should be flat and hard (a sheet of thick plywood or a plank shield is placed on the bed net under a thin mattress).

Answer #2

Finalgon, horse gel …. and in the spring it is best to practice putting bees – prevention. It is useful to wear a fabric in which dog hair is stitched on the lower back (poodle is best – softer and more pliable)

Answer #3

Pain relief exercises http://*www.bubnovsky.spb.*ru/uprazhneniya/50-obezbolivayushhie-uprazhneniya.html (without*)

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