False (imaginary) pregnancy

False (imaginary) pregnancy is a pathological condition of a woman that appears with a false idea that she is pregnant. Sometimes it occurs as a result of self-hypnosis in childless women who are eager to have babies, less often in women who are afraid of pregnancy.

Symptoms of a false pregnancy

Women experiencing a false pregnancy report that they experience the following symptoms of a true pregnancy:

  • cessation of menstruation
  • toxicosis
  • nipple pigmentation
  • cravings for certain foods
  • nausea
  • increase life
  • feeling of fetal movement

Treatment of false pregnancy

As a rule, for the treatment of false pregnancy, psychological counseling is prescribed, which helps to eliminate the psychological and emotional causes of pseudopregnancy, including the consequences of stress, anxiety and depression.

Usually, after a conversation explaining to a woman her condition, all signs of an imaginary (false) pregnancy gradually disappear. In the absence of effect, consultation of a psychiatrist, endocrinologist is necessary.

Articles from the forum on the topic ” False (imaginary) pregnancy “

There is such a term false or imaginary pregnancy, but what is it?

Answer #1

Well, when all the signs of pregnancy are on the face, but in the end it is not (((

Answer #2

This is from self-hypnosis in some menstruation disappears, toxicosis begins ….

Answer #3

I heard during the imaginary even the stomach can grow

Answer #4

this is when a woman really wants to be pregnant and she has signs of pregnancy due to suggestion)))

Answer #5

a pathological condition of a woman that occurs when she has a false idea that she is pregnant, characterized by the cessation of menstruation, an increase in the abdomen, and a feeling of “fetal movements”.

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