Breast lipoma

Lipoma is a benign tumor originating from adipose tissue. Lipomas are found almost anywhere where there is adipose tissue. Most often, lipomas appear in the subcutaneous fat. Rarely, lipomas appear in the mammary gland.

Why does a lipoma occur?

The cause of lipoma is unknown.

How dangerous is breast lipoma?

Lipoma is not dangerous. Lipomas in the subcutaneous fat are reborn quite infrequently (into liposarcomas), in the mammary gland, liposarcoma is an extremely rare occurrence. Lipoma does not degenerate into cancer.

Lipomas can intensively increase in volume and deform the mammary gland.


It consists in conducting an examination, mammography, ultrasound, cytological examination.


As a rule, removal of the tumor is recommended. Tumor enucleation (husking) is usually performed, less often (if breast cancer is suspected) – sectoral resection of the mammary gland

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