Labyrinthitis is a limited lesion of the peripheral parts of the sound and vestibular testers. Occurs with acute or more often chronic inflammation of the middle ear (cholesteatoma), tuberculosis of the middle ear, trauma. Depending on the path of development, inflammatory diseases of the inner ear can be divided into tympanogenic, meningogenic and hematogenous. There are also purulent and non-purulent lesions of the labyrinth, and in terms of distribution – diffuse and limited.

Inflammation of the inner ear is caused by the same microorganisms that are found around the ear during its acute and chronic purulent inflammation. The defeat of the labyrinth can be purulent and non-purulent, in distribution – spilled and limited.

The course depends on the localization of the process in the inner ear. In the initial stages of the disease, irritation of the labyrinth is noted (tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, hearing loss, spontaneous nystagmus, balance disorder, vomiting). Spontaneous nystagmus is directed to the affected side; if the oppression of the labyrinth begins – in a healthy direction. The intensity of dizziness is very different. Balance disorder is observed at rest and during movement. With serous labyrinthitis, pathological changes consist in the formation of exudate and edema in all soft parts of the labyrinth. With a favorable course of the disease, a gradual resorption of exudate occurs. Limited labyrinthitis come with or without a fistula. The fistula is more often located on the horizontal canal. With purulent labyrinthitis, the temperature may rise.

Labyrinthitis treatment

In all cases, urgent hospitalization is necessary in order to clarify the diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment. Depending on the form, it can be both conservative and surgical.

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Labyrinthitis Diagnosis! Is it possible to be treated at home! And How??? I don’t feel like going to the hospital at all … New Year is all the same !!!:

Answer #1

Google to the rescue

Answer #2

maze!!! I can’t find a way out!!!

Answer #3

at home – antibiotics, if ineffective – surgical treatment, the prognosis is serious, complete hearing loss may occur. don’t delay get treated

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