Claurosis of the vulva

Claurosis of the vulva is a precancerous disease of the external genital organs, which is expressed in dystrophic, atrophic and sclerotic changes in their skin. Not often associated with leukoplakia. Usually kraurosis occurs in women during menopause or postmenopause.

Symptoms and course

Complaints of itching and dryness of the skin of the external genital organs. Severe atrophy of the external genitalia, narrowing of the entrance to the vagina.


Colposcopic examination and targeted biopsy of ulcers and leukoplakia are required.


Local treatment: application in the form of ointments of estrogen, vitamin A and novocaine; 0.5% prednisolone ointment with anesthesin. The introduction of a 0.5% solution of novocaine into the subcutaneous tissue of the vulva is shown. In especially severe cases, the operation of extirpation of the vulva.

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