Tooth cyst

A tooth cyst traditionally occurs as a complication of a tooth disease, as a result of which a chronic inflammatory process develops at the top of the tooth root with the formation of a cyst. In more rare cases, it arises from the shell of the follicle surrounding the crown of the tooth, in violation of the process of its eruption. Therefore, such a cyst is called follicular.

In contrast, the root cyst is much more common, since the disease of the teeth many times exceeds the number of cases of their difficult eruption. The root cyst develops against the background of chronic inflammation, grows slowly but steadily. Increasing in volume, it constantly puts pressure on the surrounding bone tissue, which is forced to “retreat”, making room for a growing cyst.

Little, or not showing itself at all, the cyst is visible only when a protrusion of the jaw appears with a thinning of its outer dense bone plates, which the patient himself or those around him draws attention to. Often, when X-raying the jaws for one reason or another, the cyst is found as an accidental finding.

Its growth sometimes entails such significant destruction of the jaw bone, which leads to its spontaneous fracture. In addition, the penetration of pyogenic viruses into the cavity of the cyst can cause a severe inflammatory process involving the bone marrow of the jaw and the development of osteomyelitis. It is possible to degenerate the root cyst as a long-term process into a cancerous tumor.

Surgical treatment . With small volumes, it is permissible to perform the operation on an outpatient basis. Recommendation: periodic check-ups (1 time per year) of the dentoalveolar system using radiography.

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