Cyst of the maxillary (maxillary) sinus

Very often in chronic sinusitis, there is a formation in the sinuses, called the cyst of the maxillary ( maxillary ) sinuses .

Cysts of the maxillary sinuses are one of the most common diseases in otorhinolaryngological practice.

A cyst is a formation with thin and elastic walls, which is filled from the inside with fluid. The size and location of cysts in the sinus can be different. As a result, the manifestations of cysts in different patients may differ.

Main symptoms

Cysts may be asymptomatic and are not often found incidentally on x-rays, sinus computed tomography (SNP CT), or similar studies of brain structures.

Frequent stuffy nose, nasal voice, rarely – headaches.

By themselves, they are not dangerous to health, you can live with them at least all your life, but due to their close proximity to the brain, in some cases they can harm it. Therefore, doctors always advise to get rid of them as soon as possible.


In traditional medicine, the treatment of cysts is only surgical.

There are several methods for removing cysts, depending on their size and location in the sinus. The most sparing and more physiological method is the removal of cysts by endoscopic means – it means the removal of a cyst without external incisions, through the nose under the control of optics, while the surgeon controls the progress of the entire operation on the monitor. With this technique, the cyst is removed through the natural anastomosis (drainage hole) of the sinus. It should be noted that complications are not often observed after such interventions.

However, with certain localizations of cysts in the sinus, it is not always possible to remove the cyst completely and it is necessary to resort to removing the cyst through a small additional 4 mm hole created under the upper lip on the corresponding side. But the indicated hole is created with a special tool – a trocar, and not with a chisel and a hammer.

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