Keratoma – a benign neoplasm of the skin, characterized by the growth of the epidermis with excessive keratinization; regarded as precancerous.

Senile keratoma (k. senile; syn. senile wart, seborrheic keratoma, keratopapilloma) – a keratoma in the form of a plaque or node, covered with hard brown scales, sharply demarcated from the surrounding skin; occurs predominantly in the elderly.

Laser removal is recognized as the most effective way to treat keratomas.

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what is a keratoma

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No, ichthyosis will take you aside – to a diffuse keratoma, and you are asking for a general definition.

KERATOMA is one of the benign tumors that form on the face and body of a person as a reaction to the irreversible processes of aging of the body.

Keratoma is an exclusively skin neoplasm, which is characterized by uncontrolled growth of the epithelium with excessive keratinization.

Outwardly, a skin keratoma looks like a plaque or a brown nodule with hard, keratinized scales on its surface. The main reason for the appearance of keratoma can be excessive ultraviolet radiation. It should be noted that senile keratoma can also appear on the scalp of the skin, in this case, such a keratoma is called seborrheic keratoma …

in detail


Keratoma: causes, types, methods of treatment

Keratoma is a skin neoplasm that initially looks like a freckle, dark brown in color. Over time, the spots begin to horn, peel off, turning into dark brown, black plaques. The size of the keratoma is from 1 to 2 cm. The appearance resembles a zest that is pressed into the skin. Keratomas can be either single or multiple. By and large, the disease is asymptomatic, sometimes keratomas are amputated (fall off)

on their own Causes of keratoma

Keratoma is not a congenital neoplasm, and in most cases occurs after prolonged sunburn. With prolonged exposure to sunlight on the skin, keratinization of the skin area occurs at the cellular level, and a keratoma is formed. If you have a keratoma on your body, then you should limit yourself to sun exposure without clothes. Also, don’t forget sunscreen. Sunbathing is not recommended, but if there is no other way out, then it is worth sealing the keratoma with adhesive tape.

Are keratomas dangerous?

By themselves, they do not pose any danger, a person can live with her all his life. The only case is the transformation into a malignant tumor. It is impossible to foresee this transition, therefore it is better to remove such tumors immediately. The most optimal method is to remove the keratoma with a laser.

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