infected abortion

Infected abortion – the spread of infection only within the pelvic organs

The reasons

If spontaneous abortion occurs for a sufficiently long time, an ascending infection from the vagina (staphylococcus, chlamydia, escherichia, etc.) is likely to develop. In the aftermath, infection of the endometrium and the fetal egg occurs – an infected abortion. From the uterus, the pathogenic flora spreads by lymphogenous and hematogenous routes through the tubes, ovaries, peritoneum, and within the uterine tissue. This leads to the development of various complications up to the generalization of the infection. Therefore, conventionally isolated uncomplicated febrile miscarriage and septic abortion.


With uncomplicated febrile abortion, an increase in body temperature, tachycardia, leukocytosis, and moderate intoxication are observed. It is characterized by weakness, headache.

On palpation of the uterus, there is no pain, the appendages and within the uterine tissue are not changed, there are no signs of pelvioperitonitis.


With septic abortion, the patient’s condition is severe: stunning chills, severe fever with symptoms of general intoxication, pallor of the skin, yellowness of the sclera, toxic changes in parenchymal organs. Not often develop septic peritonitis, thrombophlebitis, septic pneumonia, acute renal failure.


With an uncomplicated infected miscarriage, parts of the fetal egg are removed (active method) or this operation is postponed until the manifestations of infection subside (expectant method). In case of complicated and septic abortion, massive doses of antibiotics are prescribed (but with the inherent sensitivity of the microbial flora to them), sulfonamides, desensitizing products, vitamins, and intravenous fluids. The remains of the fetal egg are removed only with severe bleeding (for health reasons). Usually, the remains of the fetal egg are removed only after the infection subsides (vacuum aspiration is preferred).

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