Foreign body of the trachea and bronchi

foreign body of the trachea and bronchi is a body alien to the body.

The reasons

The ingress of foreign bodies into the lumen of the larynx, trachea and bronchi occurs as a result of indiscretion, especially often in young children. It is also likely during meals, with the habit of holding small objects in the mouth, with vomiting, in the presence of dentures. Foreign objects may vary in size, shape and structure. The greatest danger is represented by substances of plant origin, which are able to increase in volume in the process of swelling.


Symptoms, course depend on the nature, shape, size of the foreign body, its location, as well as the age and individual characteristics of the patient. At the moment of aspiration, a reflex spasm of the glottis begins, an asthma attack occurs with pronounced cyanosis of the skin and, infrequently, loss of consciousness. The asthma attack disappears relatively quickly and a strong cough appears.


The diagnosis is made on the basis of anamnesis, examination of the larynx, trachea and bronchi (bronchoscopy) and X-ray examination of the bronchi and lungs.


Before the patient enters the hospital, forced expiration can be induced in the victim. This is achieved by sharp pressing on the epigastric region, while the patient’s position is vertical with a slight forward inclination.

In case of loss of consciousness, the patient is laid face down so that the patient’s epigastrium rests on the knee of the person who is providing assistance. Next, a sharp pressure on the chest is made, forced exhalation is called. In the case of a foreign body in the respiratory tract, the baby will need to lower it head down and cause a forced exhalation with a sharp blow to the back. The method of removal in a specialized medical institution depends on the shape and location of the object. The most commonly used endoscopic methods.

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