Foreign body of the pharynx

foreign body of the pharynx is a body located in the pharynx, alien to the body.

The reasons

Foreign bodies of the pharynx, as a rule, get with food (fish bones, husks from cereals, pieces of wood, etc.), fragments of dentures, pins, nails (from tailors, shoemakers) are less likely to get stuck. With insufficient chewing and hasty swallowing, large pieces of food can get stuck above the esophagus, block the entrance to the larynx and cause asphyxia. Contribute to the ingress of foreign bodies conversation, laughter while eating. Most often, sharp foreign bodies get stuck in the area of ​​​​the pharynx, tonsils and root of the tongue, less often in other parts of the pharynx.


Sensation of something foreign in the throat, pain and difficulty in swallowing. With large foreign bodies, speech and breathing are disturbed. With a long stay of a foreign body, an inflammatory process develops, sometimes with the formation of phlegmon.


The diagnosis is made on the basis of examination of the pharynx, palpation (small, deeply embedded foreign bodies) and x-ray examination (metal objects). It is not often that patients complain of a foreign body, and when examining the pharynx, only injuries from a swallowed object are visible. Scratches and wounds of the mucous membrane can simulate the presence of a foreign body for a long time.


Foreign bodies are removed with cranked tweezers or forceps.

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