Inversion of the eyelid (entropion)

Inversion of the eyelid is a disease in which the anterior ciliary edge of the eyelid turns towards the eyeball. At the same time, the eyelashes, like a brush, rub the cornea, causing damage and even ulceration. The torsion of the eyelid can be spastic due to spastic contraction of the palpebral part of the circular muscle and cicatricial due to curvature of the cartilage of the eyelid. Spasmodic volvulus of the lower eyelid does not often occur in old people with flabby skin with keratitis or conjunctivitis. Volvulus can also develop in young people with severe blepharospasm in diseases of the cornea.

Eyelid volvulus treatment

  • identification and elimination of the cause of volvulus;
  • elimination of slight inversion by pulling the eyelid with an adhesive sticker;
  • in severe cases, the volvulus is eliminated promptly.

Care for patients with eyelid volvulus consists in the toilet of the conjunctival sac (instillation of antiseptic solutions), the prevention of the affected cornea (laying antiseptic and vitamin ointments), and also in the care of the skin of the eyelid and cheek (if it is irritated by adhesive tape).

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