Hemorrhoids is a disease common among the adult population of all countries. According to statistics, this diagnosis is made by 20-25% of the adult population. The most prone to the occurrence of hemorrhoids are people aged 25-50 years, that is, people of working age. Although hemorrhoids are more common in men, most women seek medical attention at the first sign of the disease.

In medicine, the term “hemorrhoids” refers to enlarged hemorrhoids.

The main symptoms of the disease:

  • quickly
  • intermittent bleeding during bowel movements;
  • feeling of a foreign body in the rectum;
  • discomfort;
  • dropping nodes.

Hemorrhoids can occur due to constipation, a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol consumption, pregnancy, and other factors.

Although hemorrhoids are not a serious disease, its treatment should not be taken lightly. Symptoms of colon cancer may resemble hemorrhoids in the early stages of development. This is a great danger of missing the most effective moment for the treatment of such a terrible disease. Therefore, in the event of the first symptoms, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor.

The discharge of blood during the stool can be both significant and insignificant and lasts not a month or a year until the hemorrhoids become more severe. But then it will be more difficult to treat him. Feeling some discomfort in the area of ​​the rectum, and noticing the discharge of blood, people, especially men, put off a visit to the doctor.

This may be due to the patient’s fear of being seriously ill, and even when the symptoms progress markedly, when the bleeding becomes profuse, constipation becomes more frequent and appetite disappears, many patients hope that the disease will go away by itself.

Treatment of hemorrhoids

Thanks to modern medicines and medical devices, hemorrhoids can be treated at almost all four stages of the disease.

Some 15 years ago, hemorrhoids were treated exclusively by surgery, that is, surgical treatment was used. Today, in addition to operations, doctors have a whole range of minimally invasive (non-surgical) methods of treatment in their arsenal.

The most common among them is compression. With this method, hemorrhoids are treated with latex rings. The device draws the hemorrhoidal node into the chamber by evacuation, and drops a latex ring onto it. Within 7-10 days, this ring is rejected along with the hemorrhoid. The procedure is not complicated and takes only 1.5-2 minutes. Usually, several similar procedures are carried out with an interval of two weeks, since three internal ones are most often hidden under the external hemorrhoid. The treatment does not require a sick leave and proceeds easily with slight pain after the procedure for 1-3 days.

This method at first glance seems to be the most acceptable, but its effectiveness, like other minimally invasive techniques, is lower than with surgical removal. With radical methods of treatment, hemorrhoids are eliminated for life or, in the worst case, for decades. With non-surgical treatment, hemorrhoids may reappear after 3-4 years.

Minimally invasive treatment affects only the internal hemorrhoids, leaving the external ones, so there is a risk of acute thrombosis of the external hemorrhoids.

In connection with the above reasons, radical methods – operations – are still widely used. The essence of the operation is the surgical removal of all internal hemorrhoids. The patient with all this is under epidural-sacral anesthesia.

Internal hemorrhoids are the cause of red blood discharge during emptying, prolapse of nodes during defecation, soiling of linen, itching and feeling of a foreign body in the rectum.

Surgical treatment allows you to remove all external nodes. On the one hand, this excludes exacerbations (thrombosis) of external hemorrhoids, and on the other hand, it removes external signs and gives the prianal zone a stable appearance. 

Conservative methods of treatment (hygiene, baths, candles, diets) and traditional medicine methods help only in the very early stages of the disease. They do not get rid of the cause of hemorrhoids – hemorrhoidal tissues (nodes), which under the influence of herbs, candles and other non-traditional methods can neither disappear nor decrease.

The stage of the disease has a huge impact on the treatment process. That is, the sooner you see a doctor, the easier the treatment will be.

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