Foreign bodies of the esophagus


Foreign bodies (FB) of the esophagus are often observed.

    • Causes of IT getting into the esophagus
    • Unintentional (accidental ingestion)
    • Deliberate waste of IT by psychiatric patients.
    • The level of IT delay in the esophagus
    • Sharp foreign bodies lodged in the upper esophagus
    • Large and without sharp corners objects – in places of physiological narrowing.
    • Causes contributing to IT delay
    • Spasm of the musculature of the esophagus in response to irritation of the mucous membrane of IT
    • Pathological changes in the wall of the esophagus: tumors, strictures, diverticula.
    • The degree of damage to the wall of the esophagus
    • Early perforation of the wall is possible when acute IT hits
    • Necrosis, decubitus and late perforation of the wall with large IT without sharp corners.

Clinical picture

    • Feeling of fear
    • Pain that is constant or occurs when swallowing, localized in the pharynx, in the region of the jugular fossa, behind the sternum
    • Dysphagia is caused by spasm of the muscles of the esophagus and inflammatory edema of its mucous membrane.
    • Regurgitation, up to complete obstruction of the esophagus.


    • Multi-axis radiological detection of radiopaque FBs
    • FEGDS makes it possible not only to verify IT, but also to delete it.


    • Conservative: FB removal with a rigid esophagoscope
    • Surgical: esophagotomy, removal of FB, suturing of the esophageal wall.


    • Bleeding from damaged vessels of varying intensity
    • Traumatic esophagitis and wall perforation.

See also Injuries of the esophagus Reduction. IT is a foreign body of the ICD. T18.1 Foreign body in esophagus

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