Sepsis is tonsillogenic

Sepsis is tonsillogenic

Tonsillogenic sepsis is the most severe of the complications of angina, it can occur as a phase of complications of angina (late form), and directly at any stage of angina due to generalization of infection (early form).

Clinical picture

    • A sharp increase in body temperature with large drops
    • Awesome chills
    • Regional lymph nodes are usually painful and enlarged
    • Not often determine soreness along the internal jugular vein
    • The occurrence of metastatic ulcers in various organs
    • Blood: pronounced leukocytosis, neutrophilic shift to the left.


    • Hospitalization in a specialized ENT department
    • Tonsillectomy with ligation of the internal jugular vein
    • Detoxification therapy
    • Antibiotic therapy
    • NSAIDs
    • Antihistamines
    • vitamins
    • Immunomodulating agents
    • Symptomatic therapy.

See also. Angina primary. Angina secondary, Chronic tonsillitis, Paratonsillitis, Peritonsillar abscess KSD

    • P36 Bacterial sepsis of the newborn
    • T80.2 Infections associated with infusion, transfusion and therapeutic injection

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