Vaginismus is a pathological condition in which a woman, in an atmosphere of intimacy, regardless of her will, reflexively begins a powerful spastic contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor and vagina, making sexual intercourse incredible as purely mechanical (due to a sharp narrowing of the vaginal opening, which prevents the introduction of sexual member), and for physiological reasons (due to the severe pain attack accompanying muscle spasm). Vaginismus can be persistent and accompany a woman throughout her life, which makes her generally incapable of sexual intercourse. Modern medicine is able to eliminate this suffering in almost 100% of cases.

The causes of vaginismus include phobias, uncertainty about the safety of the partner’s personality and other partner factors, organic changes in the genitals. When examining 80 women suffering from vaginismus, the organic causes of its occurrence were established in 22 women, and in 18 they were situational. There is an opinion that vaginismus is one of the symptoms of hysteria. Other factors that often lead to the development of vaginismus include: trauma to the genital organs in childhood, disease of the genitourinary system, as a result of the use of vaginal tampons during menstruation in adolescence, gynecological and sexually transmitted diseases (especially inflammatory diseases of the vagina), rough (traumatic) sexual initiation (including gross defloration), fear due to the large size of the partner’s penis,

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