Masturbation is the self-stimulation of erogenous zones (usually the genitals) in order to induce orgasm and relieve tension caused by unsatisfied sexual desires.

    • 97% of men and 80% of women resort to masturbation.
    • Masturbation is a common adaptive form of sexual behavior that precedes an active sexual life. Sexual self-stimulation is often observed in infancy and childhood. At the age of 15-19 months, both sexes begin genital self-stimulation (by touching the genitals) and are interested in the genitals of others (parents, babies, animals).
    • Masturbation intensifies with the onset of puberty, because. adolescents are physically capable of intercourse and orgasm, but social inhibitions lead to physiological stress. An important emotional difference between a child who has reached puberty and a younger child

age consists in the presence of an imaginary coitus in a teenager, accompanied by masturbation. These fantasies are an essential part of sexual development as the adolescent learns to fulfill the adult sexual role.

    • Masturbation is traditionally reserved in early youth, when a person begins an active sexual life, and also if sexual intercourse is not satisfying or impossible due to illness or the absence of a partner. The experience of autostimulation, if not overwhelmed by fear and guilt, is important for normal sexual development.
    • Masturbation does not cause mental illness or impotence and is harmless in itself, but fear and guilt resulting from judgment and prejudice lead to sexual and psychological disorders.
    • Masturbation can be considered as a pathology only in cases of its obsessive-compulsive nature.


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Note. With the use of the concepts of masturbation and masturbation in the domestic literature, a terminological confusion has arisen. The term onanum should be understood as the removal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation to prevent conception, otherwise interrupted sexual intercourse, coitus interruptus (from Onan, son of Judah, a biblical character who preferred interrupted coitus to normal sexual relations). The definition of masturbation is presented at the beginning of this article. Perhaps the word has its roots from the Latin manus – hand, brush, and stuprare – to defile.

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