femoropopliteal type

Femoral-popliteal type – blockage or narrowing of the superficial femoral artery up to the adductor canal (Gunter’s canal).


The nature and intensity of complaints depend on the presence of damage to the distal parts of the artery, the degree of vasoconstriction, and collateral blood flow. The pulse on the femoral artery is determined, but on the popliteal and arteries of the foot, it is sharply weakened or absent. With narrowing of the vessel with a sharp violation of hemodynamics in the zone of occlusion and immediately below, you can hear a systolic murmur.


An angiographic examination is required.


To improve metabolic processes in tissues, vitamins, complamin, solcoseryl, actovegin are prescribed.

Indications for surgery depend on the stage of the disease.

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