Abscess interintestinal

Abscess interintestinal – an abscess of the abdominal cavity, localized between the intestinal loops, the mesentery, the abdominal wall and the omentum. Not often inter-intestinal abscess is combined with a pelvic abscess.

The reasons

Interintestinal abscesses, as a rule, are formed as a result of diffuse peritonitis.


Dull pain in the abdomen of indistinct localization, bloating, malaise, hectic temperature curve. Only with abscesses located close to the anterior abdominal wall, local symptoms appear – muscle tension of the anterior abdominal wall, in some cases – asymmetry of the abdomen, severe pain. On palpation, a pathological formation can be determined, moderately painful and motionless.


Diagnosis is difficult. It is possible to suspect the development of an interintestinal abscess in a patient who has had peritonitis, with a recurrent intoxication syndrome. X-ray examination of the abdominal organs – the level of fluid, the phenomena of intestinal paresis, the displacement of intestinal loops during a contrast study. Ultrasound and CG.


Surgical treatment – opening and drainage of the abscess cavity. Before the operation, the introduction of antibiotics and metronidazole is mandatory. Access depends on the location and number of abscesses (traditionally, laparotomy).

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