Gallopamil (Gallopamil)

Name:Gallopamil (Gallopamil) Indications for use: Treatment and prevention of supraventricular arrhythmias (paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, extrasystole). Pharmacological action: It has antiarrhythmic (normalizing heart rate), antianginal (anti-ischemic) and hypotensive (lowering blood pressure) action. Reduces myocardial (heart muscle) oxygen demand by reducing myocardial contractility and slowing heart rate. It causes expansion of the coronary (heart) arteries […]

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Galium-heel (Galium-heel)

Name:Galium-heel (Galium-heel) Indications for use: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis / disease of the central nervous system, characterized by impaired movements of the muscles of the face and neck /, causalgia / pain syndrome that developed as a result of damage to the peripheral nerve, characterized by intense burning pain and vascular disorders along its course /,

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Galascorbinum (Galascorbin)

Name:Galascorbinum (Galascorbinum) Indications for use: With gastritis (inflammation of the stomach) and esophagitis (inflammation of the esophagus), hypovitaminosis C and P (low intake of vitamins C and P in the body). Pharmacological action: It has the properties of vitamins C and P, has an astringent effect due to potassium gallate. Galascorbinum (Galascorbin) method of administration

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Galantamini hydrobromidum (Galantamine hydrobromide)

Name:Galantamine hydrobromide (Galantamini hydrobromidum) Indications for use: Myasthenia gravis (muscle weakness), myopathy (mouse disease); sensory and motor disorders caused by neuritis (inflammation of the nerve); residual effects after poliomyelitis: psychogenic and spinal impotence; if necessary, as an antidote (antidote) of muscle relaxants (means that relax muscles) during anesthesia, etc. Pharmacological action: Active anticholinesterase agent, reversible cholinesterase inhibitor. Galantamini

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Gaflopamil (Gallopamil)

Name:Gallopamil (Gaflopamil) Indications for use: Prevention of angina attacks (including Prinzmetal’s angina pectoris). Secondary prevention of myocardial infarction. Pharmacological action: It has antianginal (anti-ischemic) and antiarrhythmic (normalizing heart rate) action. Reduces myocardial (heart muscle) oxygen demand by reducing myocardial contractility and slowing heart rate. It causes expansion of the coronary (heart) arteries and an increase in coronary blood

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Haemostlmulinum (Hemostimulin)

Name:Hemostimulin (Haemostlmulinum) Indications for use: Hypochromic anemia (low hemoglobin in the blood) of various etiologies (causes). Pharmacological action: Stimulant of hematopoiesis. Haemostlmulinum (Hemostimulinum) method of administration and doses: Inside during meals, 0.25-0.5 g 3 times every day (drink diluted hydrochloric acid 10 drops per glass of water) for 3-5 weeks. Haemostlmulinum (Hemostimulin) contraindications: Diarrhea, vomiting.

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Haemophoblnum (Hemophobin)

Name:Hemophobin (Haemophoblnum) Indications for use: Used as a hemostatic agent. Pharmacological action: Hemostatic (hemostatic) agent. Haemophoblnum (Hemophobin) method of administration and doses: Take orally 2-3 teaspoons 1-3 times every day. Storage conditions: In a cool, dark place. Release form: In vials of 150 ml. Haemophoblnum (Hemophobin) Composition: Clear or slightly cloudy brown or yellow-brown liquid

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Haemodesunt (Hemodez)

Name:Haemodesunt Indications for use: Toxic forms (with the release of harmful substances into the blood) of gastrointestinal diseases, burns, as a result of infectious diseases, etc. Hemodez can give a good detoxification effect in sepsis (infection of the blood with microbes from the focus of purulent inflammation), but due to a possible decrease in blood

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Haematogenum (Hematogen)

Name:Hematogenum (Haematogenum) Indications for use: With anemia, loss of nutrition. Pharmacological action: It has antianemic (preventing the development of anemia – a decrease in hemoglobin in the blood) action. Haematogenum (Hematogen) method of administration and doses: Inside, in tiles, 1-2 shares per reception 2-3 times every day. Haematogenum (Hematogen) contraindications: Not identified. Haematogenum (Hematogen) side

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Active substance Vaccine to prevent viral hepatitis B (Vaccine hepatitis B) ATH J07BC01 Hepatitis B virus purified antigen Pharmacological group   Vaccines, sera, phages and toxoids   Composition and form of release   1 ml of adult vaccine contains 10 mcg of hepatitis B surface antigen adsorbed on about 0.5 mg of aluminum hydroxide; in bottles

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