What to eat and how much to drink for men to always be in shape?

Everyone knows the popular saying: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This statement has a scientific and medical basis. According to specialists in sexopathology, sexual desire and the ability to realize it are directly related to nutrition. Since ancient times, folk medicine has used certain products to increase male potency. True, views on this

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Briton asks permission to die

After sending a written appeal to the British Attorney General’s Office, the man is trying to find out about the potential charge of his wife in the so-called murder. Tony Nicklinson wants to voluntarily die, not wanting to spend the next years in a similar state. He himself can only blink his eyes and regrets that

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Dangerous drugs

Regular aspirin seems harmless enough, but its frequent use can disable a healthy body in a few weeks. First of all, aspirin affects the stomach, which can lead to heartburn, the development of gastritis and ulcers. Frequent use of aspirin is addictive to the body and over time, its dose increases and this fundamentally disrupts the functioning

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What foods are bad for teeth?

The most dangerous foods for teeth will forever remain sugary drinks and candies. Various sodas, as well as energy drinks, can destroy teeth without the possibility of recovery. The rate of enamel destruction with prolonged use of such drinks, as well as lollipops, increases significantly and this affects the health of the teeth. If the teeth are destroyed

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Black tea destroys bones

Black tea is in high demand among the consumer, but using it in large quantities can significantly affect people’s health. Some varieties of black tea contain especially dangerous fluorine, which is a destructive substance. Its presence in tea is not justified by anything, and the consequences can be catastrophic. Any diseases of the bones, as well as

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Virtual sex worsens real sex

A survey conducted by the Institute of Marriage and Sexuality in San Jose (California) and MSNBC showed that this group of users, on average, engage in cybersex about 5.7 hours a week, which is almost twice as much as most other men surveyed. Psychologist Al Cooper, who helped conduct the survey, told Reuters that spending

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Equipment for beauty salons

Manufacturers of products that are used today in professional beauty salons have such advanced technologies that the use of their products by cosmetologists can significantly increase the efficiency and speed of any cosmetic procedure. By investing today in the purchase of professional cosmetics and purchasing professional equipment for beauty salons at fairly reasonable prices, tomorrow the

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Dentistry for expectant mothers

Pregnancy is a completely natural physiological process. It should not have any negative effect on the body. However, due to various reasons, the condition of the teeth of the expectant mother during this period leaves much to be desired. Those who have never encountered dental problems may find themselves in a specialist’s office, as their teeth have become

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