Zincundanum (Zincundan)

Name:Zincundan (Zincundanum)

Indications for use:
Used for the treatment of fungal skin diseases.

Pharmacological action:
It has antifungal activity.

Zincundanum (Tsinkundan) method of administration and doses:
The ointment is rubbed into the affected areas of the skin 2 times every day (morning and evening). The duration of treatment depends on the nature and course of the disease and on the results of microscopic examination for the disappearance of pathogenic fungi. Usually the course of treatment lasts 15-20 days or longer, depending on the effectiveness. During treatment with the ointment and after its completion, it is recommended to powder the affected areas with Dustundan powder, which contains the main components of the Zinkundan ointment and talc.

Zincundanum (Zinkundan) contraindications:
Acute inflammatory skin disease, high susceptibility to the product.

Zincundanum (Tsinkundan) side effects: Burning
sensation, allergic reactions are possible.

Release form:
Ointment in a pack of 30 g.

Zincundanum (Zincundan) composition:
Zinc undecylenic acid – 10 g, undecylenic acid – 10 g, salicylic acid anilide – 10 g, ethyl cellosolve – 5 g, emulsifier No. 1 – 6 g, methylcellulose – 1.2 g, water – 57.8 g .

Storage conditions:
In a cool place.

Before using the medication“Zincundanum (Zinkundan)” should be consulted with a doctor.
The instructions are provided solely for familiarization with “Zincundanum (Zinkundan) “.

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